“How To Adopt an Elf!”

As you have now experienced the book or are about to, and the tremendous stories about Red the Elf and Goldie, you now can follow the family tradition of Adopting an Elf and carry this tradition on in your family for years to come.

Simply fill out the application form or request the application form to be mailed to you by e-mail at: red_the_elf@comcast.net . You may also e-mail your own request and any information you would like for Red and Goldie to know about your family such as your children’s names, ages and personality.  This is up to you and whatever is shared with Red the Elf, it is considered confidential!  This will enable Red and Goldie to choose the best elf for your children.

Once you click on the Add to Cart tab (below), this will take you to the purchase of your Adoption process so the Adoption Certificate can be mailed to you and your family!  The cost to adopt an Elf is $9.99 plus $1.75 postage.  Additionally, if you elect to purchase your certificate in the wood frame, the cost is $21.99 plus $8.90 for postage.

Once your adoption request has been received, Red the Elf (C.O.E.) Chief of Elves and Goldie, (M.O.M) Mother of Many, will follow Santa’s and Red Central’s procedure and locate the best elf with the to fit your family.  Please add information for Red if you have any special requests such as a girl elf or a boy elf, and if you have a name of an elf you prefer, Red will check the availability. For additional information and questions please e-mail Red the Elf at Red Central; red_the_elf@comcast.net 

Welcome to the world of Red Central and Santa’s dream to give without expectation, share without greed, and love unconditionally with total harmony.

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