About the Book


by Elaine S. Whitney & James W. Whitney

For five generations, the family of authors Elaine S. Whitney and James W. Whitney has shared a special Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition that brings excitement, love, and joy. Today, they share the long-lived tradition and story of The Christmas Elves, an Xlibris release.

In this book, a true story unfolds as the family’s work their way through adopting Santa’s Christmas elves, who help establish a proper structure for raising a family filled with goodness, joy, harmony, and love. Readers will meet Red the Elf and his wife, Goldie—the Christmas elves assigned to the Van Kampen / Whitney family of 6715 North Algonquin in Edgebrook, Illinois which all started in 1939. True to the spirit of the season, these elves come up with organized yet amusing means of spreading the yuletide joy to this family and their coming generations.

The Whitney family story was first made public in a 1956 article in The Skokie Review, a local newspaper in Skokie, Illinois. Since that story ran, it has touched millions and has continued to grow.

“This quaint little deception has helped the Whitney youngsters grasp the joy of the spirit of Christmas and even after they are past the age of make-believe, December 1st will always have a special place in their hearts.”

The Skokie Review


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4415-9740-3
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4415-9741-0